Find Your Palapa in Yelapa


Accessible primarily by panga (small boat), Yelapa provides a taste of rustic Mexico with not an all-inclusive or high rise in sight. A small village of about 1,500 residents that has the feel of a small South Pacific island, Yelapa is a laid-back retreat for those in search of a very informal lifestyle.
Yelapa has no cars, one paved pedestrian road and only received electricity about ten years ago.
Plenty of aging hippies, artists and laid-back locals call it home. Take a hike or ride a horse to the refreshing waterfall. As you near the waterfall you will pass by Javier's Rosewood Artisans where you can shop for salad bowls, rolling pins, vases, chopsticks, and many other things made of locally grown rosewood.

Back at the golden beach, buy a slice of coconut, lemon or chocolate pie from one of the jolly lady vendors who balance the homemade goodies in plastic containers on their heads. Or tuck into fresh seafood at one of the palapa-topped eateries on the beach. You can also snorkel, swim, paraglide, or try the local moonshine called raicilla.

Yelapa provides the ideal getaway for those seeking complete relaxation in a very simple environment—and it’s only about a 45-minute water taxi ride away from Puerto Vallarta. Should you be tempted to spend more than a day here, you’re in luck. Hotel Lagunita is a popular spot for yoga retreats and honeymooners. For a splurge, check into the adults-only, boutique Verana hotel located high in the hills and accessible by foot or mule. Imagine a five-star Robinson Crusoe retreat.

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