Paraglide in Yelapa


Yelapa is a sleepy little fishing village 45 minutes, by boat, south of Puerto Vallarta, along the Bay of Banderas. Because it is only accessible by boat there are no cars in town. You'll share the narrow stone and concrete roads with horses, donkeys, ATVs and the town dogs. Paragliding with Fly Yelapa you'll share the air with the birds.
Yelapa is well known in the paragliding community for having good air (thermals) for flying year round. We can also launch solo certified pilots who have their own wing (equipment).
We are experienced. Our USHPA certified tandem pilot has been flying tandems for the last 10 years.
We are safe. We use state-of-the-art equipment including Auto Hydrostatic Inflatable PFDs and a custom payout winch for towing.
We know Yelapa. We are from here; we have lived and traveled elsewhere and have chosen to make our lives here because we love it. We want you to love Yelapa as much as we do. We can help you make plans for a day trip or a destination vacation. Just ask.



We have different pricing options based on what you want to do or what you have time for.
  • It costs $80 US for a short flight (aprox 10 minutes).
  • Want more? For $100 US and $120 US, we will tow higher and give you more air time.
Want a video of your experience to share? For only $25 US, record your adventure with our waterproof GoPro camera either helmet mount or hand held extension pole.
Feeling spontaneous? There’s no need to book ahead of time since we can take lots of people all day long!
How to pay: Right now we are cash only (US dollars or Mexican pesos), but we can take VISA or MasterCard for a 10% surcharge. Please note: there is NO ATM in Yelapa or Boca de Tomatlan so you should make sure to get cash in Vallarta.


See water taxi schedule here and here.
Note: there is no longer a co-op of boats that accept each other's tickets, but individual boats still run at those specified times.
Our recommendation: La Guera/La Prieta Linda is by far the most honest and best water taxi. He charges everyone the same whether they are local or foreign.
Hotel Rosita in Puerto Vallarta*
Pier at Los Muertos in Old VallartaPier at Boca de Tomatlan (30 minute bus/taxi ride from Vallarta)
Where to hop on/off the boat in Yelapa:
  • Hotel Lagunita's Pier
  • The beach*
  • Town Pier:  If you want to visit the town of Yelapa or the town waterfall first, get off at the town pier.
Flexibility: You don't have to buy a round-trip ticket on a particular boat - you can pick and choose which boats you want to come and go on for more flexibility. It's not any cheaper to buy round trip, and with a one-way ticket you're not forced to leave at a certain time if you're not ready. And, if you miss the last boat and don't want to stay overnight there is always a boat owner willing to take you for the right price!
*Getting on/off at the beach is more physically challenging, so if you or someone you're traveling with is less mobile or less athletic, you might want to catch the boat at one of the other options.
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