Las Ánimas & Quimixto en Puerto Vallarta


On this occasion, I took on the task of visiting two places on one trip due to their closeness. It wasn’t complicated to get there since there are boat trips that will take you to explore both places. You can only reach these locations by sea, but that doesn’t mean that they are totally isolated from civilization. While they both offer a great variety of restaurants, these beaches also have many other services to offer.

Tour Vallarta Sol
Disponible todo el año/ Available all year
Lun-Dom/ Mon-Sun 9:30am-6:00pm
This is a complete trip that takes you to try some snorkeling at Los Arcos (they supply the necessary equipment without any additional costs), eat at Las Ánimas, visit Quimixto and go by horseback ($150 pesos extra) to the waterfall. They supply food and a free open bar, an all-inclusive package provided by the team at Vallarta Sol for just $340 pesos per adult and $170 pesos per child.

Restaurante Bar Pichón
Sobre la playa, Las Ánimas
Lun-Dom/ Mon-Sun 9:00am-6:00pm
Tel. (322) 222-5543

This restaurant has a large area with tables and chairs to enjoy the food; try lobster in garlic sauce for $250 pesos or giant shrimp for $190 pesos. All dishes are accompanied by a side order of rice and vegetables or beans. If you are planning on spending the day at the beach, they also have BBQ grills on the side closest to the ocean.

Sobre la playa, Las Ánimas
Lun-Dom/Mon-Sun 11:00am-5:00pm

Near the pier, you will find people who offer the extreme experience of flying more than 100 meters above the sea. You only need to be over 10 years of age, listen carefully to and follow their instructions and pay the $350 peso fee. They also have jet skis available for $500 pesos per half hour and the traditional banana ride for $100 pesos per person.

Casa Paty
Sobre la Playa, Las Ánimas
Tel. 044 (322) 120-2068

If you find you would like to stay overnight, this is your best option. It’s an apartment on the top floor composed of two bedrooms with full-size beds, a complete kitchen with refrigerator and stove, living room, two terraces and a small bar. It’s all very sunny thanks to the large windows that allow a full view of the ocean.

Pay / Pie Quimixto
Sobre la playa, Quimixto
Lun-Dom/ Mon-Sun 11:00am-4:00pm

Upon arriving at Quimixto, you will be tempted by the delicious homemade pies made by locals: coconut, pecan, coconut-pecan, banana and corn. A single slice costs $25 pesos and a whole pie $150 pesos. Look for Adela Castellón, who by tradition is in charge of making this delicious pastry.

Renta de Caballos/ Horse Rentals
Camino a la cascada, Quimixto
Lun-Dom/ Mon-Sun 11:00am-5:00pm
A leisurely trip over the mountains to reach the famous Quimixto waterfall is offered on a great variety of horses, trained for experienced riders or beginners, whatever the case may be. Adding to the fun are crossing two rivers and several hills to reach the waterfall, all for $150 pesos round trip.

Los Recuerdos
Sobre la playa y el camino a la cascada, Quimixto
Lun-Dom/ Mon-Sun 11:00am-5:00pm
As in any tourist destination, souvenirs are a must. Here, you will find not only necklaces and bracelets of various stones, but also hats, bathing suits, dresses and many other items. Another attraction is taking pictures with the iguanas that inhabit this area, for just a tip.

La Cascada de Quimixto/ Quimixto Waterfall
Al final del camino a la Cascada, Quimixto
One of the main attractions of Quimixto is a visit to the waterfall, approximately 30 meters high, which drops into a lagoon hat has been turned into a 15-meter-deep swimming hole. Swimming is permitted, but caution is recommended due to its depth. During the winter season, the water is very cold, another reason to be careful.

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